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Due to the hurricane, Turtle Lake is not currently leasing apartments.

Monday, 10/15/2018 2:15 pm Central: 

Good afternoon. If you have vacated the community, please note we have shut the gas valve off inside your apartment. This is to prevent any gas leaks. If you do smell gas, please contact Teco Gas at 877-832-6747. Thank you!

Monday, 10/15/2018 9:50 am Central: 

Our thoughts are with you during this hurricane recovery period. We want to give you a quick general update.

• Please note there is currently no power, and it may not be restored until 10/24 per the electric company. 
• Water is running in the apartments, but at a minimum. 
• We are working to get all exposed roofs and windows covered. This is taking a bit of time as we are removing trees so we can get to the spaces. 
• We have a cell phone charging station at the office along with water and food.

Please check your inbox for information on your specific apartment. If you come back to your apartment, please do NOT open your refrigerator if you have left food in it. If you HAVE emptied your refrigerator prior to the hurricane, please leave it open.

Thank you! 
~Turtle Lake Staff

Friday, 10/12/2018 3:39 pm Central: 
Just a quick update that a crew has arrived on site to begin clearing access for emergency services. We will begin inspecting units one by one tomorrow and assessing damage. Please stay tuned to our Facebook, website and resident portal for more information.

Friday, 10/12/2018: 
We hope that all of our residents are doing well.  Our team will be walking every unit to assess for damage as soon as we are granted access. In addition, here are some other resources/information.  We will be posting additional information on our resident portal login page.  

Per the Bay County, Florida Emergency Services:

Many people are either looking for loved ones or looking for a way to let loved ones know they are okay. While we do not all have cell service, or the internet, if you can access this app from the Red Cross it can help you connect with those you are looking for and those who are looking for you. We encourage everyone in our area who is looking for someone to access this service. https://safeandwell.communityos.org/cms/

In addition, here are a few updates from Bay County:

• Please be patient if you are turned away from reentry points; it is for your own safety. 
• There is a mandatory dusk to dawn curfew. You are subject to arrest if you break the curfew.
• It is imperative you stay off the streets so as not to impede first responders.
• Please conserve fuel as we have not replenished our fuel supply.

Boil Water Notice
• The entire County is under a boil water notice until further notice.
• Boil water if you can or use bottled water.
• We are doing assessments of storm impacts.
• There is catastrophic damage to many areas of our County.
• Please know that we are working diligently to begin the recovery process with resources arriving hourly.

Emergency Communications
• 9-1-1 is the way you should be sending emergency calls.
• As a last resort, use Facebook and Twitter a way to communicate with us!

• We appreciate everyone who evacuated. We ask you to be patient as we begin the recovery.
• It is not safe for you to return and will impede the progress of our first responders.
• There are checkpoints at Highways 77, 79, and 231. You will NOT be allowed to re-enter. You will be given the option to go to Bozeman to shelter until it is made safe for you to re-enter.

Public Information
• We want you to know that our first responders are ready to respond to you. It is breaking their hearts to not be able to do what they are called to do. 
• We are updating Facebook and Twitter regularly. 
• WKGC 90.7 FM is broadcasting recovery info. 
• Please check on your neighbors. 
• If you have phone service and have damage, please call 800-621-FEMA to begin the individual assistance process.

Thursday, 10/11/2018: 


We hope everyone has stayed safe during the storm. 
We know this is a stressful situation and want to provide as much information as possible. Panama City is still under evacuation and the re-entry plan will happen in three phases. The process is three tiered and people will need to present identification:

Phase 1: Initial re-entry for emergency responders 
Phase 2: Limited re-entry (businesses with a defined recovery mission, such as utility repair and contractors) 
Phase 3: General re-entry

People can call the Citizen Information Hotline at 850-248-6090 to see if it’s safe to come back once the storm passes. The process is three tiered and people will need to present identification.

We are working within city instructions and will begin to assess damage as soon as possible. Please monitor our Facebook page for additional updates. Our thoughts are with you in this time of crisis.